Thursday, 18 October 2012

Where have I been?

Before I start this post, I would just like to apologise for being away for SO long! 

Okay so the reason behind all of this is blatantly simple, I just haven't been bothered to make a post. That's right...I haven't been bothered to take a couple of pictures and write a few sentences. I feel so bad for not making posts, but now half-term is 1 day away, you will probably be seeing 1 post per day from me. Also, school has been getting in the way, homework etc. But I guess that's not really an excuse. Anyway, I am trying to get into a routine of writing out posts; hopefully once per week when I return to school. Homework can get on top of me, but once I have done my homework, I do want to have some relaxation and chilling time, and not needing to worry about my blog 24/7. If you have any requests for any posts beauty, hair or fashion related then please let me know in the comments, that would be really appreciative.

Emily xoxox

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