Thursday, 1 November 2012

Blogger of the Week #2

So week 2 of my blogger of the week has come! And I would just like to mention in this post a sorry for not making a post in a few days :( but as the weather is so gloomy and rainy, and the days are becoming much shorter and darker, it is very difficult to find some decent lighting to take photos for my blog. But I will be doing a 'late' haul which was meant to be up about 2 weeks ago but many of the clothes I bought have annoyingly been in the wash!

Blogger of the week 2 goes to....... Bigger Than A Picnic Basket! Click HERE to visit Rachel's blog.  You may know Rachel from youtube known as Raych3kinzX so please go and check her out. Rachel is my ALL TIME favourite youtuber/blogger by FAR!! 

Emily X

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