Friday, 26 October 2012

Review: Rimmel Moisure Renew Lipsticks

The Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks are my favourite lipsticks I have found at the drugstore. They are moisturising, long lasting, a good colour range, everything you could ask for in a lipstick. So today I thought I would share my love with them to you all. The photo's aren't amazing quality, infact their pretty rubbish. But this was the best lighting I could find so please bear with me, until I can find some decent light. 

I love the purple packaging! Whenever I go to the Rimmel stand it always catches my eye!  The pigmentation of these lipsticks are pretty good, they glide on nicely, and have a nice texture. Also they have no scent! Whoop! I HATE lipsticks that have a scent to them...just don't get me started! They are £6.29 in Boots. Click here to view them. Oh I forgot to say they are really moisturising!


Sorry the photo's look really weird, but they just really didn't want to go where I wanted them to. Anyway, back to the review:

Nude Delight: I really don't reach for this colour anymore as it's a nude. I don't wear nudes any more as they look atrocious on me. But if you are somebody that likes nudes, then it would be great for you.

Vintage Pink: This is my favourite out of the three. It's a gorgeous plumy pinky colour which suits me really well. Great for an everyday colour.

Diva Red: This is very bright and the most pigmented out of them all. I do really like this one and do wear it, but I only tap it lightly on my lips to give a flush of colour, as it can go quite bright!

Hope you enjoyed!
Emily X 

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